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Phil Aguillon
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Phil Aguillon
District Sales Manager

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Sheldon Smith
Sheldon Smith
Account Executive
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*This information is intended for mortgage professionals only and is not an advertisement to extend credit.*
  "All personal breakthroughs begin with a change in beliefs"

   - Tony Robbins

Do constant regulations changes have you unsure as to how to proceed into 2014 and beyond?

   While Pinnacle Capital Mortgage stays committed to our Wholesale originators, we also offer solutions through our Retail Services Branch platform. We can afford, you, the successful broker owner/operator a way to keep your presence and branding in your marketplace while gaining valuable support with accounting, compliance, HR, licensing and HUD approval.

   Be aware of the available options so you can make an informed decision that is appropriate for you. Click Here to look closer at the Retail Services opportunity Pinnacle offers to our partners. We are dedicated to supporting your business as either a third party originator or as a direct lender.
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  Rock Solid Offer - Earn Realtor Relationships & More Purchase Loans  
  TBD Pre-Approvals with Pinnacle  
  Lender approve your buyers just like a bank!
Introducing the ROCK SOLID Offer!

Today's top real estate sales people know the difference between a pre-qualification and a full lender credit approval.

Clearly they prefer to see a full lender approval. Mortgage brokers have historically been at a disadvantage against direct lenders in their ability to offer their borrowers and referral partners full credit approvals.

We want to change that. We're providing mortgage brokers the opportunity to offer buyers the ability to make a ROCK SOLID Offer, increasing their chances of getting accepted into contract.

Your borrowers purchase offer will be accompanied by a full creditor/lender approval, signed by an underwriter and featuring V.I.V.A. Verified Income Verified Assets!

Download the Rock Solid Offer
Lender Approval Submission Forms:

Conventional Submission Checklist

FHA Submission Checklist

VA Submission Checklist

Contact me today to get more details

Phil Aguillon
DISCLAIMER: This information is intended for mortgage professionals only and is not an advertisement to extend credit. All rates and programs subject to change without notice.
  Welcome to Pinnacle  
  Learn Why & How We Will Help You Grow Your Business  
  Understand our Niches that will make you stand out with your clients and referral partners.

Discover the tools & support we provide to help you close your loans on time and as expected.

Contact me today to learn more.


  Delayed Financing - Technical Refinances  
  Recoup Funds from All Cash Purchases  
  • What is Delayed Financing?
  • Who Benefits from it?
  • Which PCM Products allow it?
  • How do Consumers Qualify?
  • How to Educate Realtors to generate Business...

  VA Training  
  Schedule a Presentation with Me Today  
  Time for Us to Serve
Serve those who have already served us!

     100% LTV to $1,050,000 in many
Bay Area Markets.
     Get your Veterans Pre-Approved by Pinnacle Underwriters before they start writing offers with Pinnacle's ROCK SOLID Offer. 

     Expect this VA training to set a foundation of understanding to launch each person towards self-sufficiency.

     Anyone considering closing VA for the first time or for the first time in a long time should book this training with me.
     The training and quiz are mandatory to submit loans to Pinnacle for originators and processors who are unable to document VA experience in the last 12 months.

     The content is worthwhile and covers fundamentals to make you and your team are comfortable and confident in discussing VA products with your clients and referral partners.

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